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Synchrotrain® is a new concept of transport on the available railway system. It operates like the Sprinter car without stopover but in small units and drives automatically and individually to every railway station. The single units can be optimized for different purposes. There are for example units that can transport up to eight persons and a car or goods.

Even with the different widths of the rail tracks the synchrotrain® can change between the railway systems without decreasing the speed.

The necessary junctions and stations for the synchrotrain® do not influence the today’s railed vehicles, so that they can operate in parallel without any problems.

Today's tracks in to directions would compare whith the capacity of a highway at 100 respectively 200 km/h with 14 respectively 26 lanes, thus solving the transport problem on the road.

Thereto exist a 3D animation and videos from a simple prototype and a functional model in the scale of 1:13.

Last Updated 13.12.2012